Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm not someone with tons of ambitions. I'm pretty easily contented, and whether that's a good or bad trait is another debate entirely. But something I've wanted to do for nearly as long as I can remember is to trek on foot somewhere absolutely remote, such as the Yukon Territory and simply survive. There's somehting that's always intrigued me about that part of the world, just the sheer loneliness and harshness of it appeals to me in a way. To be alone for a long period of time surrounded by nothing but the vast wilderness in every direction just surviving and trying not to die is something I truly hope to accomplish one day before I die. I'm not sure why, as most people don't find the idea of trying not to die to not be one that is super appealing, but the idea really just stirs something in me, and when I think about it for long periods of time I have to really resist the urge to throw away everything I have and run off into the wild. If I had to guess I'd say that it's the last little bit of primal instinct that every human has that also accounts for our inherent fear of rain and the dark and it's something that in myself I wish to preserve because I believe that in that primal wildness lies a part of the nature of God that we are close to forgetting and losing.

Perhaps one day the chance will be granted to me to live out this wish I have. Until then I'll content myself with my urban existence and life of school, work and thought.


  1. Chris would camp year round if he had his Christmas wish. Not really survival, although when leaving the tent to use the toilet a bear was exploring our campsite (we saw three bears this trip).
    I hope you get your wish! My wish would be to see a field lit by fire fly's.

  2. I do hope that your wish is granted. I myself do not have that desire but I wish for other things which I hope to see carried out in the future. One day you may have your chance Josh. One day we all will. But in your case I hope you survive your wish.

  3. With you on the great outdoors, love camping, but I'm not one for this survival malarkey, sounds far too scary! Never heard of fear of rain before either. In fact I love standing outside in torrential thunderstorms - maybe I'm weird! It must be that we have such regular rain here in the UK we're used to it!