Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tolkien Study #4 - On Hobbits

An interesting note in Tolkiens writings (particularly the Lord of the Rings) is his use of the smallest imaginable people to accomplish the biggest and most important tasks. While Hobbits are small, mild-mannered, quiet, and even somewhat self-centered creatures, it is through them that the destruction of Sauron is achieved. As said in the LOTR many times, the hope of victory was never based on the strength of arms or the valour of warriors, but rather on the loyalty to the cause of Good and the great love for each other of Frodo and Sam, the Ringbearers.

There is another parallel between this topic and Biblical Christianity, and that is Gods use of the small and insignificant to confound the plans of the wise and powerful. It's a simple concept, really: The plans of the most powerful establishments here on Earth can be brought down and disrupted by the smallest and most insignificant person, and it is most often those very people that God will choose to use to disrupt such designs. Its this sort of thing that gives me comfort, knowing that as big and bad and dark of a place as this world can be, God has it under his control. And to quote Gandalf, "That is an encouraging thought".

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