Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cigar Review - CAO Brazilio Gol

Continuing my current CAO run, I decided to give the Brazilia Gol a try; having only had it one other time a long while ago it was more or less like trying it for the first time, and as with all CAO cigars I was most impressed.

This is a much darker and stronger cigar than its Italian brother and leans more towards cocoa/coffee flavors rather than the spicy and bitter Italian. Coffee and cocoa were the dominant flavors during the first third of the smoke, and towards the second third the earthiness almost completely took over, which is something I love about CAO cigars. Towards the end of the cigar the strong coffee taste returned, though the cocoa was nearly gone and there was a bitter taste to it.

The burn alternated between even and uneven, but there were no unsightly fingers or other signs of a badly burning cigar. The ash was solid and dark grey and fell in solid clumps all three times I ashed the cigar and the burn even with each ash. The draw was perfect, neither too tight or loose and every puff was accompanied by a large cloud of smoke.

Overall, this dark and strong cigar is definitely recommended by me; it would go great with some good strong coffee after a full meal and gets a hearty recommendation from me.

CAO Brazilia Gol
rated 7.5/10
Brazilian wrapper with Nicaraguan filler
Lighting method used: 3 match

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