Monday, April 19, 2010

Top Ten # 2 - The Proposition

**I reviewed this movie some time ago when I was first starting my blog, but since it was before I had begun the Top Ten countdown, I'm going to review it again**

The Proposition stands as one of the most brilliant films I've ever had the pleasure of watching. This is a powerful, brutal, savage and bleak western that really has cemented itself in my mind simply one of the finest things to ever come out of the film industry. 

The Proposition is without a doubt a harsh film, and I honestly can't recommend it to any but the most hardened movie viewers. The level of violence in this movie is staggering, ranging from classic western style shootouts to brutal and sometimes sadistic executions. It's an unforgiving look at life in the Australian outback that pulls no punches to emphasize just how harsh it really was, and believe me the point is well made. But while it is indeed a very violent and dark film, it also has a very tender and meaningful side, as the violence is simply a product of the story, rather than the other way around. There are scenes of intimacy and love that are touching and, as cliche as it may sound, heartwarming. If one can get past the brutal nature of the movie, a very thoughtful and poignant look at the softer side of the people living in the Outback is seen.

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis did the music for this movie, and as usual did a brilliant job. The music lends an eerie, unsettling and occasionally happy feel to the movie and perfectly emphasizes the moods and emotions of the characters in the film. 

The dialogue, story, and cinematography are all outstanding. Each completely compliments the other, and there is no filler dialogue or shots here. Every single line and shot is meant to be exactly where it is and nowhere else. 

Since I already wrote one review on this film, I'm not going to drag this one out any further. The Proposition, quite simply, is one of my all time favorite film and certainly one of the finest ever produced. While it is extremely violent and in places very hard to watch, The Proposition is a brilliant film which I recommend at least one full viewing, though be warned, that the violence can be excruciating to watch. Nick Cave (who wrote the screenplay) and John Hillcoat (director) have truly made one of the finest films of the decade with The Proposition.

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