Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cigar Review - CAO Italia Ciao

This is one of my favorite cigars, hands down. There's 2 or 3 cigars that are sort of my go-to cigars; whenever i don't know what to buy i just go with one of those. The CAO Italia Ciao is one of these. It's a consistently good smoke, which is a quality all CAO cigars have and why CAO is my favorite brand.

This cigar has all the features that I love in cigars: a perfect draw, neither too tight or too loose, a fantastic burn with nearly white ash and some great flavors. This is medium-bodied cigar, leaning towards stronger more than milder. The flavors that jumped out at me were spicey, peppery, with that earthy taste I love in CAO cigars. Towards the last third of the cigar or so it became slightly more bitter, like strong bitter coffee.

The burn was terrific, and even almost the whole way around except near the middle part of the smoke where it unevened, but after a few more minutes it evened itself out and stayed that way until I finished smoking it.

This is a great cigar, and I recommend it to anyone seeking a good medium-bodied, great burning and great tasting smoke.

CAO Italia Ciao
rated 8/10
medium-to-full body with strong tendencies
Italy, Nicaragua, and Peru filler with Honduran wrapper
Lighting method used: punch with a tri-jet lighter

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