Sunday, April 18, 2010


The 2004 film The Alamo was a flop. It did terrible at the box office and didn't come anywhere close to making its budget back. It's too bad , really, because it' a really cool and really intense movie about the Battle of the Alamo that deserved a lot more recognition than it got.

Billy Bob Thorton plays Davy Crockett, a man who's as equally adept at killing Mexicans as he is at playing fiery tunes on his fiddle, and towards the end of the movie he says and does something really profound.

As the Mexican army plays its nightly reveille, the American men remark how much they hate the music they're hearing. Davy Crockett promptly takes his fiddle and plays a perfect harmony with the music of the Mexican army, and after the song is done a dead quiet falls over both camps. He then turns to his men and remarks:

"It's amazing what a little harmony can do."

Not a single shot is fired, insult hurled or sword raised for the entire rest of the night.

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